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Use IPv6

As IPv4 addresses run out and IPv6 addresses take over, bridging technology is needed during the changeover. IPv6Now provides secure, high-speed servers to transmit your IPv6 traffic inside 'tunnels' of normal IPv4 packets. This bridge the gap for those who want IPv6 today, but are not yet ready to make the full upgrade to native IPv6. The benefits:

  • No changes required to equipment or ISP - simply install client software.
  • Static (permanently-assigned) IPv6 addresses - for running stable Internet services.
  • Flexible, scaleable, and suitable for any setup - from home offices to big business.
  • Protected by commercial-grade Service Level Agreements.
  • Setup is fast and simple - we provide FAQs and manuals.

Access Plans

Now6 provides IPv6 simply and easily for home or business, using small or large networks. It is also ideal for large sensor networks doing security or environmental monitoring. Now6 provides a /64 (slash-64) prefix, which contains 1.8 x 1019 addresses in a single subnet. See more on Now6...
Grow6 is an immediate IPv6 service for those wanting to offer IPv6 without the expense of new staff or equipment. It suits Service Providers or expanding enterprises. Grow6 provides a /48 prefix, containing 1.2 x 1024 addresses in 65,536 subnets, each the size of a /64. See more on Grow6...


Managed6 is a tailored, cloud-integrated network service running on an IPv6 backbone, which provides a range of applications impossible to achieve with IPv4. For an example, see the award-winning Studentnet service. To discuss Managed6 options, please phone 1800 222 085 or send us email.

gogo6 Tunnel Broker Hardware

IPv6Now is also the sole supplier and supporter in Australia for the renowned gogoSERVER™ device.
See here for more on tunnel broker hardware, used by major enterprises world-wide.

Note: as of December 2014, our free Try6 tunnel service has ended. We believe IPv6 is now a mature technology, and experimental tunnels are no longer needed. Please see our Access Plans if you wish to use our services.