Client Software Downloads

Client software allows computers to access our Tunnel Broker, providing connectivity to the IPv6 Internet. Here's what to do:

1. Order a Tunnel Plan
2. Download and install the client software
3. Insert the username/password we send you
4. Start the client for immediate IPv6 access!

HERE IS THE FAQ, with tunnel information, troubleshooting and other assistance. Here is the gogoClient guide from gogo6. Note, its examples refer to Freenet tunnels rather than IPv6Now tunnels, but it is still a good reference.

Download the Client Software Suitable for Your Platform


Note: To install the Windows releases, simply run them after downloading them.

Linux, Unix, MacOS, BSD

The client software is easily installed directly through most Linux distributions, e.g. on Ubuntu:

  • As root, run apt-get install gogoc
  • Change directory to /etc/gogoc, and edit gogoc.conf to enter your user ID and password
  • Start the client with /etc/init.d/gogoc start
Otherwise compile source code as below. Note: These sources will not compile if they are installed in a directory path that contains spaces.

Installation Guides